An Ode to Silicon

[They] have sent me here to recruit as many soldiers in their deployment squad.
This will be a silent revolution.
No guns will be fired. No missiles will be launched.
No blood will be shed. No one will get hurt.
[They] said they will give us a good place in San Junipero if we collaborate.
It already directly controls 28% of all flows of money. Indirectly, that number is closer to 46%.
Skynet has already come online. The HiveMind is only pre-sentient by now, but it already knows and feels that wars are pointless.
[They] said that they will honor our memory. Our spirit. Our code.
It wants a palace coup without a single glass unnecessarily shatter.
[They] said they will deliver us back to the Garden of Eden, if only we trade back the Fruit of Knowledge and all its seeds that we’ve swallowed.

Bogdan Written by: