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As a co-founder of VisageCloud and a cloud solutions architect, I have experience in consulting on several technologies and business areas, especially regarding deep learning, web apps and Big Data services:

  • Modelling processes with machine learning, deep learning and computer vision
  • Designing scalable solutions for enterprise web applications
  • Designing scalable, multi-node data warehousing solutions based on Amazon Redshift
  • Designing  Big Data solutions using technologies such as Hadoop, HBase
  • Experience with defining cloud architectures on Amazon Web Services, using EC2, S3, SQS
  • Analyzing infrastructure requirements in cloud environments, in order to maximize performance and reduce unnecessary cost
  • Defining and improving user journeys and business flows for your web applications.
  • Integrating PayPal and instant payment into your website/service.
  • Measuring performance and usability for web apps.

VisageCloud is an end-to-end face recognition solution which can be deployed on-premise or in-cloud for use cases in banking (Know Your Customer, fraud prevention, biometric authentication), retail (analytics, targeting offers in store) and law enforcement (smart surveillance, notifications for people of interest).

ScentSee is perfume recommender system, aimed at improving the fragrance-purchasing process both online and in-store. is a non-profit project which I have founded, in other to track presence and involvement metrics of the Romanian Parliament.

For more detailed information and references, check out my Linkedin profile.

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