Bogdan BOCȘE has been working as an IT professional for 16 years, in organizations of varied size and industry, in roles such as solution architect, project manager and technology consultant. He is the managing partner of, a market-place for quality-controlled machine learning data sets and a end-to-end solution for computer vision and face recognition. He is also leading the open source, non-profit DeepVISS initiative, aimed at bridging the gap between industry and academia in visual machine learning. Bogdan has experience in filing patents, both in Romania and the US.

He strongly believes that to an open mind there are no closed doors. As a science-fiction fan and a chief-executive-geek, his life mission is to craft the truce between humans and machines before Skynet comes online completely.

”My vision is to bridge the gap between business needs for automation and digital enablement, on the one hand, and the wave of innovation rising from computer vision, visual machine learning and artificial intelligence, on the the other hand. My mission is to bring the advancements from the research community and academia into the mainstream, where they can deliver business and societal value, as well back towards a healthy, autonomous, eventually-globally-federated education system which is able to safeguard the mental health and the intellectual autonomy of the next generation.”

”Welcome aboard”