The Forth Procustean Bed

“The Procustean Bed evolved with human civilization. In the First Industrial Age, it became powered by a steam engine. Electricity, in the following era, took over and became the power-horse. In turn, the Third Industrial Revolution brought the ability to store, transmit and process more quantized information than ever-before imagined, which also contributed to the efficiency of the Procustean Process, specifically for chopping up more of the <rough edges> of the individual in the name of collective coherence and of a commonly ill-defined sense of good&evil.
I am afraid that in the Forth Revolution, the one which is currently delivering the ability to acquiesce, model, validate, transfer and replicate intelligence will metaphorically equip the Procustean Device with a thousand thin blades that will cuts what we currently experience as Individual Reality, into trillions of thin slices that will reassemble into a New Collective Hallucination.”

The New Procustean Bed

Bogdan Written by: