A Roadmap from 2018

We should vest ourselves more in the education of following generations. We should teach them that with more comforts and more services also comes the responsibility of more education and more discipline. We should teach them how to do math in parallel with teaching them how to teach a computer to do it; we should cultivate their curiosity and nourish their feeling of discovery, practical learning and constructive exploration. And I don’t mean just the parents and the teachers, I mean everyone: business owners giving free classes, professionals sharing their real-life expertise with students and society given a fighting chance to those who compensate with their character for their lack of financial resources.

But instead we debate over the rights of anti-vaxxers and we try to theorise to what extend the advent of the Internet brought forth a new kind of group psycho-pathology, distributed on forums and maybe on some blockchain, delivered by 4G and IoT, making sane, average people scream from the top of their lungs that the Earth is flat just to hang on to a shred of some feeling of identity. Every part of society is pointing their finger at the other part and the “solution” is often equated with proving the adversary wrong. And as all of this unfolds, we’re all binge-watching it on Netflix and Youtube, while we’re wondering whether the US democracy is going to be able to metabolise the Trump-cancer or whether Europe can survive a Brexit and a rise of the Eastern anti-liberal populist extreme at the same time. We’re binge watching like the Vatican binge-watch the Nazi pursue their purges. And while the EU and US are watching the wheels of capitals squeal and grind, Vladimir and Xi are diligently playing a game of chess between KGB-style disinformation tactics and a new wave of diplomacy, fuelled by a growing-yet-struggling economy and driven by an autocratic leader. We click and we tap and we swipe, hoping a zuck-ex-machina will deploy a permanent fix to all our problems. Maybe Elon will be kind enough to throw in some universal basic income once his Ponzi schemes actually work.

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