“Chicks for Geeks”

One of my personal projects which had been put on the back burner for to long was publishing a book on Amazon. The somewhat controversial subject is a process-modelling engineer’s view to dating: what metrics to track, what behaviors to expect, what rules of thumb to apply and what action to take.

I wanted to avoid the whole how-to-get-laid-tonight approach altogether, as I believe in dating, as in other aspects of life, a balanced view is preferable to immediate results based on fake assumptions. Under the disclaimer that the stuff presented in the book should not be used as a recipe or as an ultimate truth, I aimed to give the readers some tips, a few new perspectives and some good laughs.

"Chicks for Geeks" Cover

I leave you with an excerpt and a link to the book.

Choice Reduction

It is a fun and efficient way of displaying confidence without being (too) annoying. The

method is based on assuming the answer to “Would you like us to go out?” is a “yes”. So

instead of just asking it plain and simple, make it sound like

“So, are we going out on Friday or on Saturday?”

Rephrasing the question like this makes you seem sure you’ll get a positive answer. And, like

all self-fulfilling prophecies, they increase your odds. Make no confusion: looking confident

doesn’t eliminate the possibility of being turned down. Just have a backup for the negative

answer, go with something like “I had no idea you were that busy” or “Excuse me, I had no

intention of impeding your academic/professional endeavors”.


Enjoy and do share your thoughts.


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