Start-up Nightmares (part 1)

The work I and Radu do at TimeOP tends to be pretty intense and often tiring. Long days, long nights, lots of caffeine. Maybe it’s not exactly healthy and it builds up tension, but I’m a full-speed-ahead kind of guy.

As you’d imagine, in this whole process, I have my ups and down. Some days, I’m really excited and inspired and I can work 10 hours straight. Other days, I reply to half a dozen emails and I barely sketch some features on paper.

There are good days – when I can envision how TimeOP grows into a successful business.

And there are bad days – when all I can see are the downsides.

Every once in a while, however, there are weird f****** days. Or nights. Let’s take this one, for instance.

After working since 11 AM this morning until 10 PM, I took a break and watched a speech by Balsamiq’s Peldi Guilizzoni. It’s not that the story of how he got his company from 0.0 to 2.5 million USD in yearly income isn’t fascinating, but I fell asleep. Very deep sleep.

Next thing I know I violently wake up. I had had the weirdest startup nightmare. And yes, it was about TimeOP.

Now you may think it was about our project failing to get traction. Or about my being naked in a room fool of VCs. Or maybe about potential clients just walking out on my presentation. But no, no…. it was far more interesting.

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