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February 25, 2017 / / #RandomThought

The future of our civilisation is not necessarily un dolce far niente for humans while machines do all the work. More likely, it’s a symbiotic future, where human get to do the cooler, more challenging, more value-adding parts of jobs, while machines take care of the rest. Therefore, not being able to interface with machines effectively 20-30 years from now will be the equivalent of illiteracy.

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December 10, 2014 / / Solutions Architecture
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June 22, 2014 / / Technology

The cloud is all the hype now, but most people don’t keep in mind that it is not a silver bullet or a panacea. The cloud (or more technically speaking), the use of large scale virtualization is recommended for specific use cases. In this article, we’re going to go through these use cases for which the cloud is recommended. In the final chapter, I am going to emphasize some of the caveats, traps and risks associated with transitioning to the cloud.

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March 11, 2013 / / Technology

I came up with the idea for this post after one very simple thing happened: some of the documents from my Google Drive disappeared. For most of them, I had no backup. Fortunately, they got restored a few months after I reported the issue. But it was enough to get me thinking.

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