Intuitive Math for Beginners and Young Children: Presenting [Functions] as [Family-Finding-Quests]. The *Venn-Erdos* Diagram.

In spite of the potentially threatening name, the Venn-Erdos diagram presented below may represents a more friendly, open, intuitive way to introduce and present the concepts of mathematics, making us at the same time of concepts and their relationships to have both eventual-structure (type recognition, coverage, closure, completeness) and to leverage the visual, social and narrative imagination of the student.

The family-seeking journey

Story begins: several types of animals live in several families, in peace and harmony, on the Big Island.

The story of the animals begins on Big Island.

Animal Types and Animal Families on The Big Island.

The Volcanic Eruption and Evacuation of Big Island.

Following a great vulcanic eruption on the Big Island, the animals have retreated to a group of smaller neighboring islands. 
Because the young one were evacuated first, each animal ended up on a different island from the other members of its family, depending on their age: the young ones to the islands towards the east and the older ones to the islands towards the west.

There are no uninhabited small islands. Each island has a member of each family.

To make finding each other easier, the animals agreed that any search will start from Sunset (East) to Sunrise (East), so that they should all regroup on the east-most island.

Each of the animals had its family&friendship ribbon when their left the big Island, which would make finding and recognizing each other easier, faster and safer. However, some of the younger animals may have lost their bracelet.

How would you help each of the animals find their family? How would you imagine their journey.

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