FQL Console – Learn More about Your Facebook Friends


FQL Console is a simple Facebook application allowing you to learn more about your friends, by answering questions like:


Of course, you can ask questions completely unrelated to relationship gossip, including:

Of course, if you’re a little bit geeky – you can write your own queries: just click the green button on the right reading “Advanced: Write and execute your own query”. There you can type in your own query, modify existing queries and execute them. Moreover, if a result is returned without error, you can save the query so others an use it too!


If you think relationship gossip is boring, you can tackle other subjects, including words appearing in post, photos, tags. I haven’t explored all the possibilities myself , so feel free to try queries, share them over with your friends. I would say sky is the limit, but actually FQL(Facebook Query Language) is the limit – Facebook decides which queries are valid, depending on their syntax, complexity and your friends’ privacy settings. I won’t bore you with all the techee details, I’m sure you’ll dive into them if you feel like it. Let’s just say FQL is a simplified, underfeatured version of SQL.

All the information returned by FQL Console is subject to Facebook privacy policy. FQL Console is not an application developed by Facebook, it is our pet project (Bogdan’s and Radu‘s).

The “Who”

I put in about 12-15 hours into the concept & development of FQL Console.

On top of that, my good friend Radu (@Contes) added another 10 hours into creating the sleek intuitive design.

So it was pretty much a weekend project for both of us.

The “Why”

Four reasons why we built it:

  • It was fun, a great opportunity to better understand the Facebook API.
  • I wanted a simple way to view stats about my 500+ friends (i.e. relationship gossip unleashed)
  • I wanted to unleash the power of FQL to users who aren’t tech savvy and don’t want to get their hands dirty with code.
  • Social experiment

The Privacy

FQL Console needs access to some of your data (especially your friends’ data) so it can run queries.

Any information obtained by FQL Console will not be shared with third parties and will not be used for commercial/marketing purposes. Some information may be temporarily stored on our server to improve performance of the application.

We ask for your email and permanent access to your data because we plan to unleash an email notification feature for query changes (“Notify me if there are new single girls on my profile”). We won’t spam. Any email we send you (if any) will have a click-once unsubscribe link.

Sharing a query does NOT mean sharing the answer to that query. So for instance, the query “Who are the single girls from my friends?” returns Mary, Ann and Carol on my profile. But if I share the query (the query link) with my good friend, Radu, he will just see the answer to the same question for his profile (let’s say Hannah, Beatrice and Joelynn). FQL Console does not facilitate or encourage sharing or otherwise publishing the info from your profile with others.

Last but not least, FQL Console is not a hack, it respects Facebook ToS and it does NOT give you access to additional information. It is just a way to get a different perspective on the Facebook info you already have access to.

If you enjoyed it…

Tell your friends to tell their friends about FQL Console 🙂

Try your own queries. Share them.

Drop us a line. Or a comment.


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